Yukon Territory area codes and prefixes

Time Zone: UTC -07:00

Yukon is presently utilizing one zone code. Yukon isn't using any zone code overlay designs. Region code covers the whole Yukon Territory.


Territory code 867 was framed in 1997 from a split of zone code 403 and 819. Region code 403 initially secured Alberta, Yukon and parts of the Northwest Territories. Territory code 819 secured Quebec. In 1997 zone code 403 was part, alongside a segment of zone code 819, to shape zone code 867 which covers Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


Changes and History of Yukon Area Codes:




Region code 867 was put into benefit. Zone code 867 was made from a part of region codes 403 and 819

List of Yukon Territory area codes

867 Area Code

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