Quebec area codes and prefixes

Time Zone: UTC -05:00

Quebec is at present utilizing eight territory codes. Quebec is using four territory code overlay designs, regularly called overlay buildings. Quebec as of late executed region code 873 to give numbering alleviation to territory code 819.


Quebec initially had two territory codes when the numbering framework was built up in 1947. By 1957 Quebec experienced adequate development in populace and phone use to require an extra territory codes. To take care of this expansion in demand region code 514 was part to shape territory code 819. This split brought about three zone codes 418,514 and 819, being used by 1957.


These three territory codes were adequate to meet the numbering needs in Quebec for forty-one years. At that point in 1998 zone code 514 was part again to frame zone code 450. In 2006 and 2008 two territory code overlays were put into benefit. Territory code 438 overlays region code 514 and region code 581 overlays 418.


Today territory code 418 serves the Quebec City which is the capital of Quebec, and also, Chibougamau, Côte-Nord, and Saint-Georges. Region code 514 spreads the Island of Montreal, Île Perrot and Île Bizard. Zone code 819 spreads western Quebec including the National Capital Region, Drumondville, Gatineau, Magog, Rouyn-Noranda, Shawinigan, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivires, and Victoriaville. Territory code 450 spreads focal southern Quebec including suburbia of Montreal, yet not Montreal itself, and the urban areas of Laval and Longueuil.


Changes and History of Quebec Area Codes:




Zone code 418 was put into benefit. In 2008 territory code 418 was overlaid with region code 581.




Territory code 514 was put into benefit. In 1957 zone code 514 was part to frame territory code 819. In 1998 region code 514 was part to frame region code 450. In 2006 territory code 514 was overlaid with zone code 438.




Territory code 819 was put into benefit. Zone code 819 was made from a part of region code 514. In 1997 territory code 819 was part to frame some portion of region code 867.



Territory code 450 was put into benefit. Zone code 450 was made from a part of territory code 514.




Region code 438 was put into benefit. Region code 438 is an overlay of territory code 514.




Region code 581 was put into benefit. Region code 581 is an overlay of territory code 418.




Territory code 579 was put into benefit as an overlay of region code 450.




Territory code 873 was put into benefit as an overlay of region code 819.




Zone code 367 will be put into benefit as a territory code overlay of zone codes 581 and 418.


List of Quebec area codes

418 Area Code438 Area Code450 Area Code514 Area Code579 Area Code
581 Area Code819 Area Code873 Area Code

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