Wouldn’t it be nice to keep more of your own money? At Johnson Financial Services, we help you do just that.

We offer tax planning strategies and preparation, life insurance planning, bookkeeping, financial development strategies and many other financial services to both businesses and individuals all across the United States.

  • How can I pay the government less in taxes, legally?
  • Do I really need more life insurance?
  • How much should I be saving for retirement?

These are just a few of the questions we get on a regular basis.  The good news is… we have answers!


Do you have a plan?Financial Plan; http://www.jfsmoney.com


You want to do the right thing by your business and your family but it can often be overwhelming to decide exactly what that is. 

Most people don’t even think about their money. They just live day to day. They don’t balance the checkbook. If the money is in the bank, they go to the store. If there is money left over in their business at the end of the month, they get paid.

Does this sound familiar?

We can offer you so much more! With the right financial planning tools and strategies, you can finally take charge of your own finances and feel more in control of your own money. At Johnson Financial Services we offer a comprehensive list of services that includes everything from individualized training all the way to done-for-you services that will ensure your hard earned money will be well cared for and stay exactly where it belongs… with YOU!


Protect your assets

Americans miss out on thousands of dollars every year in tax deductions, due to poor record keeping, lost receipts and missing paperwork.  We can ensure you never lose another dollar that’s yours!

Innovative tax planning and life insurance strategies are just part of what we do to ensure our client’s are using the right financial strategy for their goals, lifestyles and budgets. 

Are you ready to take control of your finances and enjoy the financial freedom you deserve? Take the first step today. Contact us today for a free consultation.